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How to Place Your Bets on Football and Win Constantly

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You love football and you want to step up your betting game? Listen carefully, because I’m about to give you some very important tips!

Soccer, as we all know, is one of the most popular sport in the world. Everyday, in fact, millions of fans and enthusiasts scattered all over the globe follow the ball rolling on the green rectangle falling in love with goals, players, miracles and, most importantly, the game. A phenomenon of such a magnitude could not avoid involving the fans also along collateral ways, such as the famous collections of stickers or fantasy soccer, for example.


One of the main sectors that concerns the world of soccer, however, is that of football betting. You can check this Bwin blog post by kazinoekstra to find some advice on where to bet. Betting on your favorite team, or on a match you think you can predict, will let you win even some large sums of money, through intuition, analysis and a small dose of luck.


Betting is a field easily accessible to many and that is why, with the right combination of factors, anyone could be able to get a win. This is mainly due to the multitude of gaming possibilities that allow to uncork the bottle even at the end of a single match. Let's take a look at a guide studied for those who, until now, had never thought about betting of football, or those who just want to place better bets.


Study the game you want to bet on

The range of events you can bet on is always very wide. It seems almost impossible not to be able to find at least one match of which we would not be able to sincerely predict the outcome. On the other hand, the bets easily embrace all types of professional leagues, from the most famous to the less known, including the minor leagues, as well as friendly matches and competitions between national teams.


Considering moreover that, for each event, there is a large number of statistics you can bet on, the possible bets multiply and betting on soccer becomes a real study work. The lexicon of football betting is also a factor to be considered, therefore, knowing the sport well is not the only element to think about.


Save the unpredictability of what can happen in certain circumstances, in order to prepare the best before attempting the bet, it is definitely good to take a look not only at the statistics of the two teams on duty, but also the precedents between them. No less important is the current condition (series of results, injuries, etc..) and, last but not least, the rivalry (a derby, for example, is often an open game regardless of who plays at home and can also generate unpredictable epilogues).


In case of match between teams of fair level the odds could be higher than usual, but for the neophytes it is advisable to begin their betting experience with the most probable results.


The best bets to place

Full Time Result

You have to figure out how the match will end, i.e. whether the home team will win with the sign 1, the visiting team will win with the sign 2 or there will be a draw with the sign X. Keep in mind that the bet is always on the first two halves of a match, so in the case of a direct elimination match, if you play for example the sign 1 and the home team wins in extra time or on penalties, the bet will be lost anyway; however, you can also bet on when one of the two teams will beat the other or who will win the first or second half.



You need to think of a number of goals and imagine if more or less goals will be scored than the number of goals assumed. The Over and Under most used are the 2.5, so if respectively a team will score more and less than the two goals the bet will be winning. Obviously it is possible to challenge your fate by predicting, for example, a game with no goals with the Under 0,5 or a game with a handful of goals with Over 3,5, Over 4,5 and so on. The Over and Under are also applicable to the goals of the home team only and the visiting team only in the arc of the match or in one of the two halves and/or extra time.


Goal/No Goal

Regarding goals, it is possible to bet on the hypothesis that both teams will score, regardless of how the match will end, with the Goal sign, often abbreviated to GG. A match that ends without a gol of either both the team or just one of them responds instead to the sign No Goal, abbreviated as NG: this is the ideal choice if on the field there is a team that scores very little.


Final thoughts

Those who want to start placing bets on football can begin by stacking the outcomes of the matches that see the teams on which they have always been convinced of as simple fans as protagonists. With just a few matches it is already possible to double the amount invested in the first ever bet, and then continue to gain experience to place more elaborated bets.


In the case you place multiple bets, all of them are winning but the last one, be sure to cover that result by playing part of the potential winnings of those first bets on the opposite result of the last bet you played, even if less likely to happen, so as to ensure arithmetically a success.


For every soccer lover there is the most appropriate bet so betting on soccer should not be difficult. The secret is to know how to identify it and exploit it with intelligence, and then the satisfactions will be around the corner.



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